News Kept Current

Designated individuals can add news items of interest to your site. Every news item has a start date and end date which keeps old, stale news out of your hair!


Neighborhood Events

Let everyone know what events your community is hosting. Set a date for your event. After the date has passed, your event no longer appears on the site. You can even optionally set an RSVP date. Any registered homeowner can propose an event, subject to approval before getting posted to your site.


Respond, S'il vous plait!

Homeowners can easily get involved in any event. You can also get reports on who will be attending, breaking it down by adults, kids, and infants! Got some specific instructions? You can tell people what you need when they respond, and they can get you the information that you need!


Manage Board Members and Committees

You can add registered homeowners to the Board of Directors or any committee, even assigning them positions. This information can only be viewed by registered, logged in homeowners.


Add Your Own Links

Link to your Covenants, Architectural Guidelines, or other documents important or useful to your community. Any registered, logged in homeowner can propose a link to be added, subject to approval.


Contacting Board Members, Committees, Homeowners

Have a question or concern? Any registered, logged in homeowner can send a message to the board. On the Committee page, you can send a message to the committee. Administrators can send broadcast messages to all registered homeowners, or only to a specific homeowner.


Powerful Administrative Options

Set up your basic neighborhood information, management company contacts, builders (if applicable), create committees, board and committee positions customized to your own community.


Your Information is Your Own!

Only registered, logged in homeowners can see your community's information. Homeowners can also choose to display all of their information, name and address only, or even be excluded from the Homeowner Directory.


Have ideas for features?

Let us know if there is something we can do to make the site more useful to you. We will consider all requests and possibly add it to our feature set to benefit all of our users.

Extensive customization may require additional, hourly fees for custom development.