HOA websites that can be managed by anyone

What makes a successful Homeowners Association website? Getting your homeowners to participate!

HOA-Web has tools that allow your homeowners to easily create Homeowner Profiles. There are also tools for HOA government members to post info about news and events.

You can do all of this and you don't even have to know how to write HTML or rely on someone who may not always be available or willing to maintain your community's valuable information.

What sets Magrathea Web Solution's HOA-Web apart is the ability to manage your HOA information easily while maintaining the privacy of your homeowners.

HOA-Web also has tools that keep your information fresh. What good is a news item from last year? Why should you RSVP for an event that happened last month? With HOA-Web, that's not a problem.


Key Features

  • Manage homeowner profiles, including lost password recovery
  • Multiple privacy settings so homeowners can only show what they want
  • Private community information is only available to registered homeowners
  • Allows easy publishing of news and events
  • You can set an expiration date on news and events to keep your site fresh
  • RSVP tools make event planning a snap
  • Easily send email to your HOA board, committee members, and homeowners
  • Easy setup of your HOA board and any number of committees
  • Manages information about management companies and builders
  • Customizable Links page
  • Any homeowner can post neighborhood events with approval from the Board